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At, we believe in finding subtle ways to express yourself through colour. It’s simple – socks are a staple and can say a lot about a person and their feet. Although you might not realize it, whether you’re the business exec who wears plain black socks to match his dress pants or the busy mom who rocks thick white sport socks for comfort, your feet are suffering and sad.

At, we call it “Boring Sock Syndrome” - but not to worry, there is a cure! We import the finest quality colored socks from Europe in every size, colour and style to beat this recurring ailment. If you think this doesn’t affect you, common symptoms include dry feet, blank stares, or consistent dragging and shuffling of the feet as you walk. Face the facts - your feet are tired of wearing boring socks and it’s time to add some brightness to the two extremities that keep you grounded every day.

Since opening our web shop in March 2012, has made it our mission to make sad feet across Canada happy by spreading our bold printed and graphic patterned socks online. We focus on color schemes that have the ability to affect your mood and liven a grey day – which is why you won’t find a single plain colored sock on our site.

Headquartered in St. John’s, NL, one of the most colorful and creative cities in Canada, continues to add more colors and styles to fit your personality and change the way you feel every morning.

What do your socks say about you?