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Argyle Socks

At, our mission is to liven up your standard sock wardrobe with out-of-the-ordinary colored socks. We sell the funkiest colored socks in stripes, argyle, arrow and polka dot styles where colors range in an explosion of energetic yellows, oranges and reds to creative purples, blues and greens.

The big question is, what can these colors and patterns really do for you and your feet?

Let’s take a look at a pair of argyle socks. Argyle socks are designed for the business casual environment. They have the ability to look professional and structured but the variety of colors can add some adventure and excitement to your everyday work week. Add some bounce to your step and make your feet happy with argyle!

Scroll down the page and discover the different combinations of argyle socks yourself. And don’t forget to take a look at some of our other patterns - from multicolored polka dot socks to bold striped socks. Each pair is distinctive so take some time to find a pair of colored socks that suits your personality.

Who says you have to match your socks with the color of your suit? You get up early each weekday and make sure you are perfectly put-together for work. With a business dress code to follow, it’s easy to get into a boring black sock routine to match your standard black suit. But what if you could find a way to stick with the dress code but express yourself in a subtle way? Welcome to is an online web shop dealing exclusively in fashionable colored socks flown straight from Europe. We guarantee trendy, colored socks that are soft and built for comfort to all North Americans looking to add some bounce to their step. These unique socks are durable and come in sizes 7 to 12.5. 

At, we sell colored socks designed to affect your mood through vibrant colors and adventurous patterns. If you want to stick with the business etiquette and wear argyle socks, we provide an array of colors to choose between - from bold orange, purple and blue argyle socks to a contrasting green and grey mix.

But don’t forget the other styles besides argyle socks you can choose from that are appropriate for the office. Depending on the day, you might want a pair of polka dot socks to battle the Monday morning blues or our adventurous striped socks to get excited for Friday after work! No matter the style, we sell socks that appeal to both men and women and cater to all sizes of feet. So no matter what your age, gender or shoe size is, at we have a striped sock that will fit you perfectly.

Order your colored socks today and we will ship them through Canada Post the day of for only $10 to anywhere in North America. But if you live in Newfoundland, where our headquarters are located, let us know and you can skip the delivery fee and pick them up yourself.

Step out of your regular work week and into a pair of colorful argyle socks.