Kids are the ultimate purveyors of fun, and, as such, we let them get away with a lot of fun fashion styles. Many of the items in their wardrobe are mismatched, different colors, or otherwise beaming with attitude.  But kids don’t have to have all the fun. After all, who runs the world, kids or adults? Adults run the world and they should treat it like their oyster. Fun occurs in all shapes and sizes, and it might surprise you that fun occurs in socks.

But fun, for some reason, isn’t looked highly upon among adults with real jobs. In fact, fun can sometimes seem dumb or impossible to achieve. Socks, though, are starting to put the fun back in being an adult. Imagine going to your office job with a pair of bright orange socks around your feet. Maybe you would even scoff at the suggestion. But just try out it. Socks are the only part of the wardrobe that can be both subtle and attention-grabbing. They can illuminate your personality by shouting to everyone who glimpses them, “Hey! I’m not boring! I’m wearing orange socks!” The socks you have on reflect the type of socks you wear. But they also reflect a little bit about your true self in a decidedly non-confrontational way.

Of course, many adult human beings prefer bland socks in bland colors like white, grey, or black. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this style, but then there’s nothing particular about it at all. Dull socks reek (no pun intended) of a dull world. To put on the same pair of colorless socks every day is mind-numbing and mechanical. The world is already too defined by schedules and itineraries and meetings in the conference room at noon. Colorful socks are fun. They break the monotony of everyday life with a little jubilant spice.

Maybe, after all that, you might still be wary of making the jump from dull grey to bright yellow socks. There’s another alternative that still leaves your feet fresh and fun. If you don a pair of elegant argyle socks, not only will you stand out, you’ll also do it with style. Although multi-colored, argyle socks still represent the debonair aesthetic expected in a normal work environment. But they also offer the added advantage of letting people know where you stand in terms of socks. Obviously, you stand inside the socks, but, figuratively, you stand outside the norm.

Even so, why limit yourself to a bit of individuated elegance? Why not strive for both comfort and exuberance. Colorful sock wearers are generally colorful people. It’s time to unlock the funky potential at the tips of your toes. In a way, it’s time to unlock that inner child, to not be burdened so much by the rat race that you forget about the little things in life. Of course, socks are little things, but they can brighten up your day and the day of those around you in an unprecedented way.