There are a lot of urban legends out there. Is Sasquatch real? Does the five-second rule actually apply? There are probably others, but none are perhaps more important than the great colored sock debate. With all kinds of chemicals and dyes passing through our increasingly consumer-conscious world, it’s hard to believe that something hasn’t been fully tested. But then, it’s also difficult to believe that everything HAS been tested. It stands to reason that at least one product might have slipped through the safety nets and made it out to the general public. Could it be socks?

Plain socks don’t necessarily bear the brunt of this potentially anti-sock theory. The theory is that colored socks are bad for your health (and the health of your skin) because the synthetic dyes and fibers will seep in through the sweaty pores on your feet and infect your bloodstream. This is certainly great cause for concern if it happened to be true. In fact, if it were true, sock companies might summarily end all operations on colored socks. This would certainly be a bleak day for fun, colorful socks.

But, of course, there’s nothing in any research or study that suggests that colored socks are bad for your health at all. Aside from maybe being too awesome, colored socks pose almost no threat to your well-being. If colored socks were, indeed, bad for your health, you might have to take stock of every article of clothing that had some kind of artificial coloring in it. Green socks are just as valid white socks in the same way that a green shirt is just as valid as a white shirt. If a green shirt or a green headband posed a severe risk to your health, it probably would have been made known by now.

This anti-sock myth may have started because feet are often considered to be the sweaty, swampy, cesspools of the body. There are so many smells and so much moisture from a single foot, that it certainly seems feasible that some of the dyes from a sock might interact somewhere in the anatomy of the foot. Unfortunately for sock detractors, this isn’t true, and feet are still allowed to be fun to this day. Just like white socks, blue socks will absorb feet perspiration and allow it to evaporate into thin air. All socks serve the same greater purpose: making sure your feet don’t stink insidiously.

So, are colored socks bad for your feet? No. Occasionally, black socks might leave little strings of fabric on the sweaty soles of your feet. But, who wants to wear boring black socks anyway when there’s an entire world of colored socks out there waiting to be explored? If you’ve never worn a pair of nice multi-colored striped socks then you don’t know what you’re missing. You’re certainly not missing any synthetic dyes in your bloodstream that might be harmful to your health. All you’re missing is your chance to be fun by wearing super-stylish socks.