There are a lot of beauty secrets to achieving soft, smooth skin on your feet. Indeed, smooth skin on your feet is not only attractive, it’s also healthy. People with rough, cracked skin on their feet often develop callouses or blisters that can be exceedingly painful at times. In fact, the pain can almost be incapacitating. Unfortunately, there’s almost no quick solution to universally smooth feet on the market today. Naturally, there are several lotions or soaps that gradually smooth out the skin. Sometimes, though, the weather is simply far too dry for any lotion therapy to be effective.

This might seem like a death knell for smooth feet, but those seeking nice skin must understand that it takes time. Wearing sandals or thongs or walking around entirely barefoot can lead to dry, cracked, and otherwise unattractive feet. While sandals are often more comfortable on a hot day, they can wear away at the layers of skin and leave your feet with harsh, rough patches of skin. To relieve this, you might end up on a strict regimen of lotion and soap. You might also reach for a pumice stone to chip away at the harsh skin. The pumice stone can be used in the bathtub with wet or dry feet, but it’s best to use any lotion on skin that’s already dry. These solutions take time and effort.

Unfortunately, smooth feet might still be an untenable goal for some people. Many people will apply lotion daily and still find no results. But the real solution is simple: stop constantly wearing sandals and stop constantly going barefoot. It’s really that simple. Of course, the lotion regimen will get you back on the right track, but the real progress begins when you wear shoes and socks on a daily basis. Indeed, another well-worn tactic to achieve smooth feet involves applying petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and putting a pair of nice, thick socks on before you go to bed. The socks act as a retainer, allowing the Vaseline to work its magic.

Once your feet are smooth, just follow the simple steps outlined previously: don’t wear sandals, don’t go barefoot, and do wear socks and shoes. Most people who wear socks and/or shoes constantly have remarkably smooth feet without even trying. They might not be the most comfortable or stylish pieces of clothing, but they are virtually guaranteed to keep your feet smooth and nice.

Of course, shoes and socks aren’t required to lack style. Socks come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, but they also come in a variety of cool colors and designs. A pair of thick polka dot socks will keep your skin as smooth as the day you were born. But they don’t have to be polka dot socks. They could be boring white socks, but no one wants to go through life with smooth feet hidden underneath bland socks. Throw some orange socks on your feet and let the world know that you’re not only a seeker of fine feet; you’re also a purveyor eye-popping socks.