Sock organization may be one of the most annoying past times in recent history. Clamoring through a cornucopia of like-colored socks to find one true match is consistently a waste of time. Maybe organizing socks will never be fun. This is certainly true for people who only use boring, bland socks. Searching through the endless pile of white socks can sometimes seem like a metaphor for life. But what if you could turn that metaphor upside down or at least make it non-existent? The search ends here.

With funky colored sucks, there’s no limit to your organization skills. Many people might have a hard time believing that funky socks enhance the practice of sock organization, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is funky socks are fun. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that are undoubtedly super-awesome to look at and to wear. But, how is organizing them fun exactly? After all, isn’t sock organization just a simple chore? If you think of anything as a chore, of course it becomes tedious. But with funky socks, you can wave goodbye to that pesky tedium.

Of course, funky socks are still just socks. But organizing them can be fun if you know how to do it right. First, you need to get your tumble tried funky striped socks out of the dryer. Then, you can take one of two different paths. You can find funky socks that appear meant to be together. If you’ve got a black sock with yellow stripes, you can pair it with a blue sock with orange stripes. Those socks were undoubtedly meant for each other. And, even though they’re inanimate objects, they’re bound to lead a happy fulfilling life as a pair. You could also pair blue socks with other blue socks. You could pair red socks with yellow socks, multi-colored socks with argyle socks, and any combination in between.

Of course, wacky pairs of socks lead to fun feet, and fun feet lead to happy days. Even if you’re an adult, working a full-time job, you can still have a little fun with colored socks. This includes business professionals or even dads or moms on the run. Socks can brighten anyone’s day, and they can reveal a lighter side to your personality that no one may have seen before. Of course, funky pairs of socks start with funky organization.

The other option with funky socks is particularly carefree. You can just leave them in a basket and grab a random pair at will. There’s no purposeful mixing and matching, no organizing, just arbitrary sock selections for every day of the week. In some ways, this lack of organization can be more fun, because your sock selection is never predetermined. For some people, carefree is the way to be. If you happen to match a blue sock with an orange sock, then good for you. Those socks win the lottery fun. And, as we all know, adults could use a little more fun in their lives.